Stami, TVL20


The Stami table has a strong personality:
the elegant structure of the stem supports
the top-flower.


Combine different elements
to expand your garden!


Hedge Texture
Hedge – Natural Hedge – Pieris White Hedge – Licenide Grey Hedge – Colias Green
Ploughing Texture
Ploughing – Natural Ploughing – White Pieris Ploughing – Licenide Grey Ploughing – Colias Green
Sack Texture
Sack – Natural Sack – Pieris White Sack – Licenide Grey Sack – Colias Green
Grove Texture
Grove – Natural Grove – White Pieris Grove – Licenide Grey Grove – Colias Green
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measurements in cm

8.6 kg

Texture disponibili

Hedge (Siepe), Ploughing (Aratura), Sack (Sacco) and Grove (Bosco)

Colori disponibili

Natural, Pieris White, Licenide Grey, Colias Green


Wood, multi-layer Finnish birch


Natural colours made of vegetable and mineral biodegradable and biocompatible substances


Joint, without screws or glue

Made in Italy

With the love for design and the best Italian manufacturing and quality

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